Friday, August 24, 2012

Geekwear Volume 1: Teefury

One day, I as folding laundry and realized my wardrobe was downright depressing. Every top was black. 3/4 of my shirts professed allegiance to bands that split up several years prior. All but two of the active bands had a member who at some point cut out on a conversation to avoid being seen with a geek (here's looking at you Acaro and Shroud of Bereavement) despite taking his money. Plus, it looked like I lived in denial of my body type since any band not featuring Gene Hoglan apparently wanted portly gents with long torsos to wear tube tops. So I set out to broaden my color palate, stick to referencing things that didn't ditch me for decreasing poon-tang probability (here's looking at you, Thundercats), and didn't scream "EVERYTHING YOU LOVE IS DEAD" quite so loud. 
My wife steered me towards shirt of the day sites. Some were graphic-design centric. Others provided shirts with flair in that area but more of a pop culture than "cool lines" focus. Plus, a site that peddled Trek related wares by definition needed to understand how to clothe a round belly. As a bonus, I could continue supporting the work of artists I liked.
Teefury first seduced me with Lion-ow. As Beantown Bullies sold me a very sweet pup with multiple congenital defects, we spent a lot of time dealing with post-op e-collars. That dejected look perfectly caught her side and made me chuckle fondly. Only real problem I had was the scratch atop the bandages. It looked rather half-assed. He clearly wasn't bleeding through nor had he torn the bandages apart. Otherwise, the design rocked.
 I also dug the blank used. My build comes from the "brick shithouse" side of the family. So those great fitted shirts some folks choose look ludicrous on me as the sleeves don't even cover my tattoo. This was more of a standard fit with plenty of room for my manly chesticles, broad shoulders, and bitch tits. As a bonus, it had some length and stayed  tucked into a kilt without issue. My only real problem was the print itself. It was one of those gummy-to-the-touch super-thick jobs which rarely lasts. In fact, a minor error in the first wash resulted in Lion-o sporting a few premature age lines. In Teefury's defense, I've gotten a half dozen or so shirts from them since and they're printed just fine.
Customer service is something I won't comment on. There has yet to be any problem for them to address Every order ships and arrives well within the stated time frame. Prints come fully intact and are generally good quality. When a competitor told me every printer was massively behind due to summertime difficulties, my Teefury orders actually took 3 days less than usual. My average order costs $13.27 shipped. Other sites with similar base prices are $15.00 to $17.00 after all the upsizing and handling charges are computed so it's really not bad.

Score: 89/100