Sunday, January 20, 2013

. . . and Then Some Dreamcast Happened Vol. V: I would rather pretend the 5th movie never happened, thanks.

Godzilla Generations 2: Maximum Impact
I guess this is one of those on the rail shooters? Godzilla lumbers forward through a city very slowly. Things attack him. You try to stop them with your magical fire breath, get a whole bunch of confirmed targets, then shoot wherever anyhow. Then there's a boss battle against one his foes from a movie. It all looks quite nice. Plays a bit like the controller is encased in cement and you're trying to mash buttons with a chisel. Fairly vile gaming experience, all things considered.

Gunbird 2
Nice to see classic sprites represented in a scrolling shooter. Nothing too innovative here but it's got all the ease of play and fun the genre tends to represent. As a bonus, it features multiple display modes to allow for slight changes to your gameplay experience. And you can play as Alucard, gather a bunch of elements, and make for the North Pole like Santa Claus has challenged you to a duel or something.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix
Sometimes, I feel the ESRB M: for Mature Players rating isn't clear. This game absolutely deserved it for deplorable (if slightly green-blooded) violence and acts kids absolutely should not duplicate. However, one really cannot be "mature" and enjoy a game where men on steroids and women whose backs would shatter from boob weight if  they ever actually jumped run around and attack one another with huge, phallic weapons to Heavy Metal music. It's as over the top as one would want something bearing the franchise's name to be and just pure freaking fun. oh and i was able to choose a comically overbusted Aeryn Sun lookalike with a chainsaw as my character so I'll break my rules and rate this one A++++++++++++++ for the teenager within.

There are tons of scrolling shooters on the Dreamcast and this seems to be the best reviewed of them. It's stunning to look at, well balanced, and has some gameplay innovations to boot. First off, there's the dark/light polarity swap mechanic. Instead of collecting bombs, you change colors to absorb energy from enemy weapons and build up a meter. Then there are boss battles which they can walk away from if you're not skilled enough to destroy them. It all makes the game feel fresh a decade+ after initial release. That said, I shall now bash it to increase blog hits as this one is very much subject to the Cult of Treasure Games. LOLZ DIS GAYME HAZ LAYME GRAFIX WHERE DA 3D AT YO AN IT NO CALL OF DUTY HUR DUR DUR!

Jet Grind Radio
I remember being absolutely blown away by this game. Part of it was the then-novel usage of cel-shaded graphics. Then there was the well-selected soundtrack. Could do without the Rob Zombie remix but  that goes with gaming in this territory. A decade or so later what still resonates with me, however, is the gameplay experience. The camera can be annoying at times but otherwise it just doesn't get old.

Kao the Kangaroo
The best part of inheriting game libraries are the WTF titles like this one. You play as this rat in yellow, long underwear with apples on its hands and bounce over pits then convulse at some enemies. Oh wait... that's a kangaroo! The apples are boxing gloves! Those convulsions are rapid fire punching; or maybe some sort of statement about long term effects of circus-type abuses on animals. Honestly it plays like an inebriated Crash Bandicoot and I don't really care about any aspect of the thing after a few levels.

This one is significant largely because it was the last officially released Sega Dreamcast game. It may honestly be the weakest of the scrolling shooters on the system I've played so far. My skills at this style of game are severely rusty. Me beating one without dying suggests something is amiss. My weapons were too powerful and blocked too high a percentage of enemy fire for one thing. That combined with the fact that pretty much everything but backgrounds and the final boxx were monochromatic made for one dull game. Yes, I suck at Ikagura and all the others.  However, I'm okay with that as it just provides inventive to improve. With Karous, my only motivation is to use a wider array of the angel-type characters moves in order to avoid being overwhelmed by repetition.

Next week I'm going to drop entirely too much knowledge of Twilight plot points for someone my age, reach a new low in revival of classic franchises. finally mention a FPS, and post a rant so bad that content isn't mentioned even once (and yes... that is entirely fixable but then the blog becomes work and it can't do that unless it gets monetized which it probably won't barring a change in terms of service). 

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